Ram Avadh Prajapati (M. A., B. Ed., UGC-NET) has been working at the University of Allahabad, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. He got his primary education in his hometown. He did his Post graduation from the University of Allahabad, Allahabad. He has done his P. G. in English Literature and Economics. He writes poems in Hindi and English. His is a well-known name amongst academicians. He has edited a large number of books on different aspects of Indian Writing in English, Postcolonial Writing, Diasporic Literature and Dalit Literature. His books have been well appraised for thematic and stylistic correctness. Most of his books are available in libraries of academic institutes. He has got published several research articles on different themes and techniques.

His following books are available in libraries and shops-

1. Contemporary Indian English Writers: A Critical Exploration- ISBN-978-81-922645-0-9

2. Perspectives on Postcolonial Writing: An Exploration- ISBN-978-81-922645-1-6

3. Indian English Poets: Critical Responses- ISBN-978-81-922645-2-3

4. Indian English Dramatists: An Exploration- ISBN-978-81-922645-3-0

5. Indian English Novelists: Critical Responses- ISBN-978-81-922645-4-7

6. Women Writers and Writings about Women: Critical Articles- ISBN-978-81-922645-54

7. Diaporic Literature: Critical Articles- ISBN- 978-81-922645-81

8. Wings of Nature and Other Poems-

9. Poetic World of Biplab Majumdar: Critical Responses- ISBN- 978-81-92245-4-7

10. Indian Writing in English: Themes and Techniques- ISBN- 978-93-82485-59-9

11. Articles on Literary Luminaries- ISBN - 978-81-8435-499-7

12. Perspective on Eco-Critical Studies- ISBN- 978-8184355123

13. Perspectives on Indian Fiction Writing in English -ISBN- 978-81-8435-517-8

14. Perspectives on Indian Writing in English: Text and Context- ISBN- 978-81-8435-523-9

15. Nativity Themes: Contemporary Indian English Literature- ISBN- 978-81-8435-503-8