Frequently Asked Questions 

1. If I publish an article in this journal, will it be valid as per UGC Regulations 2016?

Answer: Yes, it is valid because both refereed and peer-reviewed are the same in meaning. As per UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of M. Phil/ Ph. D. Degree) Regulations, 2016, a Research Scholar has to publish minimum two articles in a refereed and peer-reviewed or CARE Listed Journal. The articles published in this journal are also valid for Career Advancement Scheme and direct recruitment activities in colleges and universities. 

2. I have heard from many people that only articles published in UGC Approved/UGC-CARE listed journals are valid. Is it true?

Answer: No, articles published in both the UGC Approved/ UGC-CARE listed journals and any other Peer-Reviewed/ Refereed journals are valid. The only thing is that UGC-CARE listed journals are more privileged than NON-UGC CARE listed journals. However, all publications in Peer-Reviewed/ Refereed Journals are valid for all kinds of academic uses; thesis submissions and promotions.

3. Is The Creative Launcher (2455-6580) presently indexed?

Answer: Yes, the journal is indexed in SJIF and other databases. Kindly visit the About the Journal page of the journal for more details.

4. What is the impact factor of the journal?

Answer: SJIF 6.656  

5. How will I judge that the journal is not predatory?

Answer: The Creative Launcher is widely known for its academic integrity and has been indexed worldwide. The journal uses international standards and published quality research work. It is dedicated to English Language, Literature, Criticism, and ELT. It uses DOI for the betterment of the articles published in it. It takes article processing charges to maintain the quality of the journal. 

6. How can I take a subscription to the Journal?

Answer: By the way, the journal is OPEN ACCESS for online visitors but you may take a subscription to the journal. You will receive the print version of the issues. You may support the journal by becoming a fund member of the journal. Do mail seeking subscription of the journal-

7. How will I know that my submission is selected/rejected?

Answer: A mail will be sent regarding the selection/rejection of the submission.

8. Can one submit my published article?

Answer: No, the journal invite-only original and unpublished articles. All submissions will be checked through Urkund, Turnitin and Plagiarism Checker, and if the submission is not found below 10% plagiarism, the submission will be at once rejected. Only submissions below 10% plagiarism will be sent for review.

9. Does the journal charge money for publication?

Answer:  Although the journal has no purpose of earning profit yet the journal asks for subscription money to maintain the expenses done on website maintenance 

10. Does the journal provide a Certificate for publication? 

Answer: Yes, an e-Certificate for publication is provided on request. 

11. What is the mode of the journal?

Answer: The issues of the journal are available in ONLINE mode but we provide a print copy of the Issue after finalization of the issue.

12. Can we withdraw our submission after publication?

Answer: No, you cannot withdraw your submission after publication in any circumstances.

13. Can I submit the article in any field?

Answer: No, you cannot. The journal invites articles only in the area of literature and literary theory. 

14. Can I send my submission in any language?

Answer: No, the only submissions written in English will be accepted.

15. When was the journal established?

Answer: The Creative Launcher was published in 2016.

16. Is there any APC/PPC?

Answer: YES, that is decided after reviewing the article. It depends on reviewers and the quality of the article. Please visit the Publication Fee page under Author's Desk.

Note- If you need an answer of your any query which you do not find above, kindly fill the form given below and provide us with the detail of your query as much as possible.

Editorial Team