(1) It has come to our notice that few spurious agencies or people are using the name of The Creative Launcher for publication in conference proceedings and journal issues etc. Authors are advised not to trust such spurious agencies and people. Authors and researchers are advised to contact us directly for any academic query or other kinds of publication-related query at our official registered email address: thecreativelauncher@gmail.com

Grievance (Editorial Team)

(2) It has come to our notice that has been reported by an esteemed academician that his article has been plagiarised and published inadvertently by Punit Singh under his name in the Creative Laucher. Taking the matter seriously his article has been removed from the journal's website and a strict notice has been sent to Punit Singh. The DOI assigned to him will be deleted and reported to the Crossref for further action.

I thank all esteemed academicians.