Submission Guidlines

Before understanding article submission guidelines let us notify you regarding our Review Policy-

Type- Double-Blind Peer Review

Acceptance/Rejection- up to 25 days

Review Period- up to 15 days

The average period of publication- 60 days

We accept original theoretical or research articles, book reviews, interviews, poems as electronic submissions via e-mail as attached documents (Microsoft Word only). All manuscripts should strictly follow the MLA 8th or 9th Edition. The documents must include name and affiliation details in the body of your submission. Submissions must be in a single attachment. Submission e-mail must include the statement claiming that you have read the submission guidelines, you agree to the policy of the journal and that the submission is original and does not contain plagiarized material.

Format of the Research Article (s):
 Authors are also requested to include the following in the format of their articles:

MS Word 2007/ 2010 

Font -Times New Roman

Full title with subtitle,(if any) size (not all capital letters)- 16

Main article font-size: 12 (Justified)

Line spacing: Double spacing

Language- English Only

Name and affiliation of the author/s.

An abstract of the article of about 200-300 words along with 10 to 15 Keywords.

Authors should note that the main body of the text should be prepared in such a way that no formatting is needed afterwards. Heading, subheadings and illustrations should be well incorporated within the main body of the article. 

The word limit for the Research paper is 3500- 8000 words inclusive of Abstract and Works Cited.

The authors should be careful regarding grammatical and typographical errors.

Plagiarism report of the Research paper duly checked in plagiarism software like viper, Turnitin, Urkund, Ithenticate, Plagiarism Detector etc.

Note: Do not decorate your submission with lines, borders, special characters etc., which may lead to rejection.

Important note about inclusion and Exclusion of the submission

Inclusion Criteria 

  • Research reported in the English language only
  • Poems/ Short stories/interviews in the English language 
  • Studies using qualitative methods of analysis
  • Original and Unpublished first-hand qualitative studies
  • Studies involving secondary qualitative analysis of qualitative data
  • Research formatted in MLA (8th Edition) Style sheet
  • Research within the scope of the journal only
  • Articles that contribute significant findings in the field of research

Exclusion Criteria

  • Non-English language
  • Already published papers, abstracts, Poems, interviews
  • Lexical studies that analyse natural language data presented as quantitative results
  • Article without a research method & methodologies
  • Qualitative studies using questionnaires or other methods that do not involve direct contact or observation of participants
  • Any study where text/data is not analysed i.e. uninterpreted data
  • Any review (systematic, narrative, qualitative)
  • Commentary articles, written to convey an opinion or stimulate research /discussion, with no research component.
  • Plagiarised content partial or complete.

Call for Submission

Dear academicians/research scholars 

We welcome academicians, research scholars and independent writers to contribute their original research paper(s)/ article(s) to our international journal. We value your universal ideas, creative and innovative thinking, fresh perspectives and critical rigour on literary works. We are dedicated to publishing original, unpublished research endeavours.  

Last date for article submission- 10/07/2022 For August 2022 Issue

Publication Process

We are dedicated to quality publication. We try our best to ensure rapid publication. The following steps are taken before the final publication of the manuscript-

  1. After receiving the manuscript we go through it to ensure its publication level after that we send paper(s) for the peer-review process. After getting the review reports of reviewers we send an acknowledgement e-mail to ensure the acceptance/rejection of the paper.
  2. After getting the consent of the author and APC we publish the selected articles every second month (Bi-Monthly).
  3. This journal has a schedule of six issues every year (February, April, June, August, October, December)
  4. Please do not submit plagiarised (copied) or predatory articles for publication or review. Ensure plagiarism yourself before submitting your manuscript. Do not overload our handling time by submitting plagiarised matters. There are so many tools to detect plagiarism. You must use them. Some of them are free and some are chargeable. Please follow academic dignity, integrity, ethics and contribute only original research work for publication.
  5. If we find plagiarised content at any step of the publication, we are free to reject the paper and inform the concerned department through the proper channel.

Publication Fee

To maintain the Peer Review quality we pay our reviewers. The website developer takes a regular amount to maintain and update the website according to the need of the time. We add DOI in the articles which we publish. DOI is provided by Crossref. We are trying our best to maintain international standards. We use Ithenticate plagiarism software to avoid the publication of unethically created research articles. The Creative Launcher is a self-supported journal and does not receive any kind of monetary help either from the government or from any other agency or institute. Being an open access journal, it does not get subscription fees as all issues are accessible free of cost. Readers are free to access all issues without any financial barriers. To meet out these expenses we charge our contributors/authors a little amount in the form of APC. However, there are no submission charges, pages charges or colour charges. If the paper is accepted then the author(s) will be asked to pay the APC. 

  • Crossref membership and DOI assignment
  • Ithenticate plagiarism checker through the third party
  • Web hosting+added software+management +Upgradations
  • High-speed data for
  • Copyediting +formatting
  • Journal management+postpublication works

Cost/APC per article for Indian authors  = 1950.92 INR

Cost/APC per article for authors othe than India= 25 USD

Refund Policy

Article Processing charges are required after the acceptance of the manuscript for publication. The Journal will not issue refunds or cancellations of any kind after the acceptance of the manuscript.