Three Generations Having the Same Treatment: Feminist Study of The God of Small Things


  • Dr Ajita Bhattacharya Associate Professor of English L L N Degree College, Sirsa, Prayagraj, U.P. India


Feminism, Gender, Revolution, Patriarchy, Domination


Men controlled society additionally assumes a significant part in downsizing the state of the characters in the novel, seen from the feminist point of view. The novel The God of Small Things is essentially a novel by a woman about women and it has been seen through the eyes of a woman. It is a women-centered novel in the sensibility of pity and fear. It brings out before the readers the state of fair sexes in a specific social milieu. The tale presents three ages of women: Baby Kochamma, Mammachi Ammu and Rahel, and all are despondent in their own specific manners. The story of the novel puts before the readers how in a patriarchal-society woman are just removal things. Practically, each and every female character directly from Mammachi, Ammu, Baby Kochamma, Rahel, to the minor characters like Kalyani, and K.N.M. Pillai's niece, Latha is the casualty of male bullhead society.


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