Reading and Its Reflection: A Clinical Diagnosis

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Wasim Azam


Reading is a process of inception and introspection. Reading is the way through which a reader can dream any dreams either in day or in night. Reading makes settings in affirmative form contrary to negativity. Reading is an evolution of consideration of any reflections either within the text or outside the text. Cognition is that road leads reading to acknowledgement of meanings and signs. Reader can serve it to demonstrate everything having read the text of life that leads to the real journey from beginning to ending ahead of upcoming events or upheavals. Reading is a replica of interaction that seeks to impart an effective communication. Reading can produce anything through the production of itself. Reading can deem things in order to reproduce the text ahead of consideration for evaluation. The clinical order of reading process is sustained with the serene and sheer contemplation of signs from production to evaluation. The objective of reading reflection is to state the inculcation of new insights to figure out upcoming ideas regarding the future recommendation. Reading inculcates new standards, new models and new doctrines to point out requisite validation, sovereignty and regularity. Reading can be observed as a replica of conception, reception, formulation and realization regarding the contents. The reflection of reading is a way of pealing new inspirations to the relevant texts as a mirror exhibits the clear scenario of truth and reality.


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Wasim Azam. “Reading and Its Reflection: A Clinical Diagnosis”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 8, no. 5, Oct. 2023, pp. 91-102, doi:10.53032/tcl.2023.8.5.10.
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