Plasticity of Identity: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in Sachin Kundalkar’s Cobalt Blue

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Sanjay Kumar Sarkar


This research article examines the theme of plasticity of identity in Sachin Kundalkar’s novel, Cobalt Blue, with a specific focus on gender and sexuality. Utilizing a queer theoretical framework, the study investigates how the characters in the novel navigate their identities in the face of societal expectations and personal desires. Through close analysis of the text, the article explores the fluidity and complexity of identity construction, challenging fixed norms and categories. Kundalkar’s work portrays characters who defy traditional labels, embracing a spectrum of identities that transcend conventional boundaries. This study contributes to the field of queer studies by highlighting the novel’s role in facilitating discussions on diverse gender and sexual identities. By acknowledging the plasticity of identity, this research article promotes understanding, empathy, and acceptance, fostering a more inclusive society. It emphasizes the transformative potential of literature in shaping conversations about identity and expanding our notions of gender and sexuality.


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Sanjay Kumar Sarkar. “Plasticity of Identity: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in Sachin Kundalkar’s Cobalt Blue”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 8, no. 6, Dec. 2023, pp. 33-41, doi:10.53032/tcl.2023.8.6.04.
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Sanjay Kumar Sarkar, Research Scholar Department of English, Coochbihar Panchanan Barma University WB, India,Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University

Sanjay Kumar Sarkar has completed his masters in English at the University of North Bengal and currently he is doing a research programme at Coochbehar Panchanan Barma University. His research interest focus on the South Asian studies, Partition and Gender Studies. He has published national and international level journal from verious univeristy and UGC-CARE listed journal.


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