The Exhilaration of Translation: The Epitome of Literary Culture

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Wasim Azam


Translation can be an emulation of written statements extracted from the original thoughts and notions that could be acknowledged throughout the whole literature of earthly culture. As far as Indian translated literature is concerned, there is a road of accomplishing the task of literary culture on a larger scale such as translation of several texts. Some regional translations into English are stipulated across the whole India such as stories of Munshi Premchand titled Panch Parmeshwar for The Divine Arbiter, Kafan for The Shroud and so forth. The works of Munshi Premchand are translated into English and Russian after his demise. At the world level, we can get an example of Kahlil Gibran and Rumi whose works are translated from Arabic and Persian respectively into English and other European languages. The main resolution is to ensure that each and every member of society can perceive the fragrance of the culture with the translation from one language to the source language. This paper holds descriptive, qualitative and experimental findings to ratify translation as a big concept of literary culture. The objective of this paper invokes translators to translate the texts or any reading platforms as much as possible to convey parameter of culture to the readers, audiences and common authorities by which they come to know the realization of situations either catastrophic or placid. Translation is basically a new trend of the concept of culture.


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Wasim Azam. “The Exhilaration of Translation: The Epitome of Literary Culture”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 8, no. 6, Dec. 2023, pp. 93-99, doi:10.53032/tcl.2023.8.6.11.
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