Adaptation of the Mahabharata, the Myth and Metaphor, into Animation for Children


  • Deepak Rana Ph.D. Research Scholar HNBGU Garhwal University
  • Dr Chetana Pokhriyal Associate Professor of English M.K.P. College, Dehradun, India


Mahabharata, Animation, Myth, Metaphor, Adaptation, Cartoons, Fiction


Animation provides a unique window for children through which they could absorb the culturally superior Hindu epic in existence, the Mahabharata, the greatest myth and metaphor of life, and seek wisdom while entertaining themselves simultaneously. Concocting elements of fiction into the great myth in the form of animation gives a completely different perspective to children and show them a world of their own. The main motivation is to introduce them with the great heritage of India, the Mahabharata, in a lighter way through animation.


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