Varieties of Language and the Quest for Excellence in its Teaching and Learning


  • Mr. Naresh Kumar Research Scholar, Mewar University, Rajasthan, India


Parameters, Dialect, Idiolect, Isoglosses, Intelligibility, Linguistics, Preponderance, S-R associations, Assumptions


Human beings are different from animals in being able to organize the range of sounds produced by body mechanism into a highly efficient system of their identical language-based communication which has a network of varieties along with space, time, and social classes, deciding the identity, lexis and structural aspects of that variety of language known as a dialect. When one person uses one dialect in his own unique way, it is called his idiolect but different roles and situations decide the register and style of that dialect which is used as a standard dialect, no less than a language in itself. Every language has its own sounds, words, sentence patterns, and semantic meanings which need to be taught and learned. For this, three variables namely, the students, the methods/ approaches, and the teachers should be given due attention for further exploration in the field of academic study (teaching and learning) of the English language.


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