The War Beyond Ruin by Gemma Liviero: A Novel about Atrocities of War

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Dr Sunil V. Pawar


War causes physical exertion and suffering. The soldiers and the people have to make themselves indifferent to these otherwise they would be destroyed. There is always uncertainty in war. Chance also plays an important role in war as it makes everything more uncertain. The whole course of events is interfered by it. War is a matter of determination and courage. The War Beyond Ruin is Liviero's war based fiction. It is a lyrical writing and unusual story. Though a war novel, this is not typical World-War-II-era novel. It's beautiful and gritty historical fiction combined with mystery and suspense and completely unique characters who live through hard times. The ending is life-affirming and fills with hope. It is all about the misery and complexity of life during and after WW II in Germany and Italy.


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Dr Sunil V. Pawar. “The War Beyond Ruin by Gemma Liviero: A Novel about Atrocities of War”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 5, no. 2, June 2020, pp. 60-64, doi:10.53032/tcl.2020.5.2.07.


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