The Philosophy of Gandhi and the Changing World of Today With Special Reference to “My Experiments With Truth”

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Dr Tarit Agrawal


The moment the image of Gandhi comes before our eyes, certain questions arise in our minds: In what way does Gandhi have his relevance in the world today and to come? How can Gandhian thoughts influence today’s generation? How can the world of today be benefited by what is called Gandhism? As a matter of fact, Gandhian philosophy is something which has its relevance today and will have its relevance in the time to come. The whole life of Gandhi was like a pilgrimage. He was a Mahatma in its true sense and spirit. The father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi still keeps on influencing the generation of today by his philosophical thoughts whether it is his pacifism or truth and non-violence or satyagrah or vegetarianism or bramhcharya. It is really interesting to observe that this Mahatma, this half necked man sitting on a prayer mat shook off the British rule from India by sheer spiritual power. It really confirms that to understand the life and philosophy of Gandhi and its relevance today and in future is not an easy task. One will have to spend hours and hours in going through all this. Today in a world where we get up in the morning and read in newspapers and watch in news channels how the society we live in is altogether in grip of what we term as inhumanity, animality, cruelty and many others, we surely sometimes feel the indispensable and urgent need of Gandhi and his preaching. We dream of a world which is characterized by such ideals as liberty, equality, fraternity on the one hand and peace, truth and non-violence on the other. This is itself a clear proof how Gandhian philosophy rules our lives, our world.


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Dr Tarit Agrawal. “The Philosophy of Gandhi and the Changing World of Today With Special Reference to ‘My Experiments With Truth’”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 4, no. 6, Feb. 2020, pp. 84-91, doi:10.53032/tcl.2020.4.6.14.


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