Revisiting Deshapran Birendranath Sasmal


  • Rahul Kumar Mohanta Research Scholar Department of History Raiganj University,Raiganj University image/svg+xml


Narration, Biography, Trends, Conventions, Politics


The historical literature dealing with memoirs, biographies, auto-biographies, diaries etc. is fairly rich and it has no doubt opened new dimensions in discovering areas of research. In India the tradition of historical biography is bears a meaning because it can be traced from ancient time down to our age.  It is a fact that when a nation seeks its identity, it has to go back deep in to past. The biographies seem to be valuable in a way that they tempt us for enquiry to answer questions or queries about past human actions as evidences particularly in terms of our social formation and nation making. The frame work of history is one of thought and the biography is one of narration, which revolves round the life story of an individual from birth to death, subject to interpretation. India is very rich for a galaxy of biographies of many personalities and studies on them have brought to light several points to look at Indian history from different perspectives. In respect of national history but also in terms of regional one the study of biographies are no less important to find out the missing links of our modern historical research irrespective of time, place and person.


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