Fancy Charms as Realism Quizzes in Cosmic Convergence

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P.C. K. Prem


A beginning fills a man with immense optimism as the journey appears long, uncertain but exciting, and at other times, it appears quizzical and immensely wearisome and yet a colossal waste. It is moment when one deliberates on the origin, as time seems inscrutable. Flight of fancy embarks on a voyage and so a search for deliverance is the objective, for one is witness to a few sacrifices, spiritual yearnings, metaphysical anxieties and intellectual probing, shallow forethought, facts life presents, routine acts, ennui, anxiety, distress  and mendacity in Cosmic Convergence. It opens up doors to a life of meaning and hope (Journal of January ibid), in a discreetly symbolic form, ‘And I feel /Our life is a /Suddenly stoning in skyscape.’


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P.C. K. Prem. “Fancy Charms As Realism Quizzes in Cosmic Convergence”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 3, no. 6, Feb. 2019, pp. 67-73,


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