Grave Ecological Issue of River Pollution as Reflected in William Carlos Williams’ “Paterson”

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Alok Chandra


The supply of water must be in proportion to the requirement of the people and the sustainable use of water will solve the problem of the scarcity of water for its usage in the multipurpose works. Sustaining the water is a part of Blue Revolution. In “Paterson”, William Carlos Williams exposes the surface reality of the contamination of the water of Passaic river and affirms that most of the water of the river is being contaminated by the sewage of the cities, towns and the chemical products of the industries. The contamination of water becomes the cause of various water related diseases. It creates a bad effect on human and animal’s skins and bones. The polluted water further multiplies the chance of the intestinal and gastro related problems and hinders the digestion of foods. Whatever the ecological crisis aroused in the city of Paterson, Williams honestly documented it with the incorporation of the historical evidence in his magnam opus ‘Paterson’. The water related problems due to the pollution of the Passaic river become impersonal in the sense that the people of the whole world are getting victimized with the similar condition of the poor quality of water as a byproduct of inadequate management of the sources of water and the impurity and decay of the various rivers. William’s “Paterson” draws the attention of the worldly people to the mounting threat of the imbalance in the global ecology as the rivers are losing their natural tendencies of containing fresh water and it’s a massive challenge for the existence of the species on the earth. This present paper investigates the root cause of the pollution and decay of the Passaic river in William Carlos William’s “Paterson”. This investigation would be very much helpful to understand the impurity and decay of the various other rivers of the world. It intends to unearth the authentic solutions to stop the ecological issue of river pollution through a minute study of Williams’ “Paterson”.


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