Historical and Mythical Narratives of Dangoli Nanda in Uttarakhand: Legitimization of Power


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Pilgrimage, Religion, Holy Place, Folk-Lore, Popular Culture


The write up explores the narrative, history and rituals of Dangoli Nanda Devi of Uttarakhand Himalaya. It also comprises a short exploration of the annual festival celebrated every year in the month of Bhado (August) at Dangoli (Bageshwar) village and a comparative study of Dangoli Nanda jagar with Nauti Nanda Jagar and Almora Nanda Jagar. Dangoli Nanda loved and venerated as the loving sister of Nanda Devi. SHE equally enjoys love, fascination and revere from the public of Uttarakhand Himalaya. There are also stories and instances of miracles and feats executed by Bhagwati Nanda in the everyday life of the people of Dangoli village and adjoining areas. These accounts surely bore the stamp of truth on them. Nanda is for many a chosen deity, isht devta, and for other their beloved chelli (married daughter). In moments of invocation (Aavesha), SHE becomes, at times, a goddess of justice (Nyaya).


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