The Time Conscious Middle-Aged Women in the Novels of Virginia Woolf

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Dr. Rajendra Kumar Khare


Virginia Woolf was highly conscious of the complexity of the inward life of human being .In her later work, her focus was only on inner process of mind unlike her predecessors whose focus was the outer action. According to psychologists outer actions are but the half reality of the human personality. Virginia Woolf was much influence by Freud, Jung and Dorothy Richardson to understand the inner drama or conflict of human mind. Present paper is an effort to focus on her life-like portrayal of middle-aged time conscious women. She portrays all type of characters; the young beloveds and lovers, men of action, religious men, men of lower society and the old but she could portray beautifully only middle-aged women for she herself was a middle-aged woman.


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Dr. Rajendra Kumar Khare. “The Time Conscious Middle-Aged Women in the Novels of Virginia Woolf”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 1, no. 3, Aug. 2016, pp. 67-72,


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