Political Failure in Persisting the Communal Harmony in Azadi

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Daxa Thakor


The Independence movement was a major political and social transformation for Indian milieu. Before the partition, the daily life of the people, both Hindus and Muslims, was so richly interwoven into common foundation and there was so much resemblance in their ethnicity and practices that the partition came to them as a sudden shock which they were unable to bear. Azadi depicts this harmony. There was unity and harmony between the Hindus and Muslims of Sialkot till the partition. The friendship of Lala Kanshi Ram and Chaudhari Barkat Ali proves this fact. The unit and secularism of both Hindus and Muslims of Sialkot are also referred to by the facts such as Arun-Nur love story. Arun, the son of Lala Kanshi Ram loves Nurul and Nissar, the daughter of Barkat Ali. Although Arun and Nur professed different religions, their love-relationship was not affected by it. This secularism is again evident in the role of Munir, the brother of Nur. Munir not only approves of the love affairs of Arun and Nur but also inspires them to get married. When Arun is ready to become a Muslim for marrying Nur, as suggested by her, Munir advises Arun to keep religion but to keep it separate from love and marriage. He argues that even if they get married they can perform their own religion without any hesitation.


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