Diasporic Consciousness in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Fiction

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Dr. Nazish Khan


Jhumpa Lahiri has faithfully converted her experiences as an expatriate Indian writer in her literary works- novels and short stories. Identity crisis, sense of displacement and alienation are some of the common experiences that have been shared by the first generation and the second-generation immigrants. But the identity crisis and the issues faced by both generation immigrants differ from each other. The former is still tied to its roots and is more or less baffled by the American experience. They still consider India as their homeland and are bound to its culture and traditions. The later faces a new crisis as the culture at their home widely differs from that of the society around them. They constantly have to negotiate and make adjustments between the two worlds. The present article attempts to analyse the dilemma and crisis faced by both generations of immigrants as well as their hopes and expectations in an alien land.


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