The Impact of Digital World on Our Identity

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Rohi Rani


Identity means the overall discernment about oneself. It consists of our devotion, conviction, philosophy, attributes, feelings and other likely things. Identity is not somewhat which is innate rather it is wrought up in the hurly-burly of our life. Earlier it had an effect from only countable factors i.e personal and social identity but however with the emersion of social networking sites in the 21st century a new-fangled element has been added to the impression of identity formation i.e, digital identity. Here a significant inquiry is “are you the unchanged person in online or offline mode”? This digital identity had actually become our jiffy self which we modified from time to time in order to take delivery of indulgence that with the upshot we have vanished our genuine self while determining the phony one. We are racing gratuitously while closing the eyes to the veracity that “everything is not everybody’s goblet.” Earlier we had to first put up with something that is palpable for recognition but in the contemporary society individuals are having a prospect to depict themselves speciously for their naming, say it their profession, bonding status, age, likes, dislikes and like supplementary things. As a result, identity is susceptible to identity crises for the reason that people are having added than an identity to present and supervise.  People are paying more consideration to the stance of others allied to themselves and in order to present themselves upto the keenness of others so that positive reception will come from all corners. People are all set to cross any limits particularly in case of the teens. The central part of the paper is to bring light the sequel of social media in the formation of identity.  This paper will also underline how this identity is subject to deformation with the erroneous impact and badly chosen ways to contract with social media.


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Rohi Rani. “The Impact of Digital World on Our Identity”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 7, no. 1, Feb. 2022, pp. 27-32, doi:10.53032/tcl.2022.7.1.05.
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