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Caste and Gender: A Study of Dalit Feminism

D Aruna

Research paper 1-10 Download

A Study on Consumer Behaviour in Selecting Mobile Hand Set

Arjumand Bano

Research paper 11-24      Download

Bhakti Movement and Poetry Unified India More than any Political Movement 

Aju Mukhopadhyay

Research Paper



A Study of Interpersonal Relationships in Bijender Singh’s Confusing Poetry

Gazi Tareq Muzamil

Research Paper 33-44 Download

Heart and Mind…

Dr. Mathpati Sudhir P

 Poem 45-46 Download

A Comparative Analysis Of Retail Banking Services Of Public Sector Banks (Allahabad Bank) Vis-A-Vis Private Sector (HDFC) Banks In India

Dr. Geeta

Research Paper 47-54  Download

 Sustainable Resources and Sustainable Development

Rakesh Kumar Verma

Research Paper 55-63 Download

Mickey au Camp de Gurs: A Glimpse into the Concentration camp through the eyes of a Holocaust Victim

Shreya Chakrabarty Research Paper 64-71 Download

His Porphyria

Ananya Chatterjee

Short Story 72-79 Download

Integration of ICT in Classroom: Some Reflections

Richa Chaurasia & Dr. Saroj Yadav 

Research Paper 80-89  Download

The Mystic Utopia of Tales: A Study on Mythologies and Fairytales

Prerona Das, Shilpa Dey & Debalina Roychowdhury

Research Paper 90-99 Download

Staging Indigeneity: A Study of VayalaVasudevan Pillai’s Agni: The Fire

Reshma V. R.

Research Paper 100-106     Download

The Typological Characteristics of Maithili

Amit Kumar Chandrana

Research Paper 107-133 Download

Women,Yoruba Festival Drama And The Theatrical

Shola Balogun Essay  134-142 Download

Cry of an Exile: A Study of Naipaul’s A House for Mr. Biswas

 Joylal Das

Research Paper  143-151 Download

Interrogating the Historical and Fictional Aspects of the Representation of Partition in Novels: A Review of History and Fiction: A Study of Indo-Anglian Partition Novels by Fahmeeda Hilal  

Chhutan Dey Research Paper  152-161 Download

City of Angels

Avisek Mookherjee

Poem 162 Download

Socialism in G.B Shaw’s Arms and the Man: A study of Realism and Idealism Santanu Panda

Santanu Panda Research Paper  163-169 Download

The use of Myth as a special technique in R.K Narayan’s novel The Man-Eater of Malgudi

Ratan Ghosh

Research Paper  170-179 Download

Exploring the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Economic Development-A Theoretical Framework

Mr. Kamal Kanti Das

Research Paper  180-186 Download
21.  The Concept of Counterculture – A Study Sonaji B. Rajput Research Paper  187-192 Download
22. Dismantling the Hegemonic Structure through the War of Manoeuvre: Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar’s ‘The Adivasi Will Not Dance’ as a Dogma of Adivasis

Arya A

Research Paper  193- 200 Download


Mohd Nageen Rather

Poem 201-203 Download


Akash Satpati

Poem 204 Download

Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge: A Study Of Social Conflicts

Dr. Nidhi Kulshrestha

Research Paper  205-211 Download

Home a Saga or Pastiche of Every Household by Manju Kapur

Mudasir Ahmed Gori

Research Paper  212-217 Download

Let us start now

Akash Satpati

Poem 218 Download

In quest of liberation: A feminist reading of short fiction of Bharati Mukherjee and Jhumpa Lahiri

Joyita  Shaw

Research Paper  219-226 Download

Ecocritical Concerns in Lakshmi Kannan’s Short Stories “Muniyakka,” “Nandanvan,” and “Because”

Dr. C. Isaac Jebastine  & Mrs. K. B. Karthiga

Research Paper  227-233 Download

Folk Music and Dances of Tripura: With Special Reference to Tripuri Tribe

Surajit Debbarma

Research Paper  234-243 Download

Assimilating in Alternative Spaces of Possibility: A Study of Suniti Namjoshi’s Select Works

Tanima Shome

Research Paper  244-251 Download

An Apostle of Women Issues : Revalidation Modernist Approach of Raja Rammohan Roy’s Ideology

Dr. Shobha Bajpai

Research Paper  252-269 Download

Of Erasure and Resistance: Negotiating History and Identity in Tahmima Anam’s The Good Muslim

Avishek Bhattacharya

Research Paper  270-280 Download

Mridula Koshy’s The Large Girl: A Distinct Feminine Self 

Dr. Anita Sharma & Ms. Sangeeta Negi 

Research Paper  281-289 Download

Resistance to Gender Identity in Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook

Pooja Gupta

Research Paper  290-295 Download

Indianness in R. K. Narayan’ The Guide:  An Overview of Indian  Myths and Society as Represented by Narayan

Poulami Ganguly

Research Paper  296-309 Download
37. Usage of Verbs in Khah Dialect: A Comparative Study

Mohd Muzamil Sohil

Research Paper  310-316 Download

R. K. Narayan’s The Bachelor of Arts: Self-Realization in Hindu Traditional Family

G. Bala Krushna Reddy

Research Paper  317-323 Download 

Diasporic Consciousness and Parsi Identity in Rohinton Mistry's Such a Long Journey

Tabish Majid & Rumana Nisar

Research Paper  324-329 Download

Looking through the continents: Parallel narratives of oppression in Valmiki’s Joothan: A Dalit’s Life and Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Ritushree Sengupta

Research Paper  330-336 Download

 The Dream of Return in Ghassan Kanafani’s Returning to Haifa

Mustafa A. M. Zaid

Research Paper  337-343 Downlaod

From Routes to Roots: A Vision of the Indian Subcontinent in Salman Rushdie’s Novels

Dr. Sajad Ahmad Ganie & Dr. M. Madhavan

Research Paper  344-355 Download

Eliot’s Views on Verse Drama

Dr. Manoj Kumar Chaturvedi

Research Paper  356-362  Download

Language of Early Twentieth Century Novels and Modernism


Research Paper  363-369 Download

A. N. Dwivedi’s Wayward Wanderings: A Critical Appraisal

Dr. Pallavi Srivastava

Research Paper  370-390 Download

Ecological Perspectives of Earnest Hemingway with especial reference to Cat in the Rain and A Canary for One

Shri Sunil Uttam Fulsawange

Research Paper  391-400 Download

Psychological Effect on Vasudhaiva Kutumbkum of Materialism: Reading with Arthur Miller’s Plays, All My Sons and Death of a Salesman

Rachna Rathore

Research Paper  401-407 Download

Migration, Adaptation and Survival in Bharti Mukherjee’s Jasmine

Ekta Gupta

Research Paper  408-415 Download

The Thematic Concern in Arranged Marriage by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Ravi Jaiswal

Research Paper  416-428 Download

The Urge of Emancipation in R. K. Narayan’s Daisy: A Study of Painter of Signs

Lakhimi Dutta & Dr. Indu Swami

Research Paper  429-434 Download

Ecocriticism as a Reappraisal of Romanticism

Sandip Kumar Mishra

Research Paper  435-441 Download

Accentuating the Importance of Teaching Poetry in an ESL Classroom

Dr. Huma Zaidi & Ariba Zainab

Research Paper  442-450 Download

On the Road to a Postcolonial Consciousness of Selfhood: Narrator’s Quest for the Past in Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing

Safvan P T

Research Paper  451-461 Download

Human Resource Management: A Review and Research Agenda

Seema Rani

Research Paper  462-475 Download

Love and Longing at Jhargram

Jaydeep Sarangi 

Poems 476-479 Download

Transgressing the contours of domesticity

Ms. Ruchi Raj Thakur

Research Paper  480-489    Download

From Imposition to Subversion of Patriarchy in Amrita Pritam’s Pinjar: A Critical Study

Sanjeev Kumar Vishwakarma

Research Paper  490-500    Download

Women Identity and Partition of 1947: A General Study of the Partition Novels

Dr. Totawad Nagnath Ramrao

Research Paper  501-506  Download

Stephen and the 'Uncreated Conscience' of His Race: Exploring the Native Concerns in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Dr. Tanmay Chatterjee

Research Paper  507-512 Download

Humanism and the Downtrodden in Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable

Aditi  Sharma

Research Paper  513-520 Download
61. Coolie: An Epic of Injustice and Exploitation Pallavi Gupta Research Paper  521-527 Download
62. An Eco-anarchism analysis of Manjula Padmanabhan’s The Island of Lost Girls  Pankaj Kumar Research Paper  528-534 Download
63.  Familial Crisis in the Novels Of R. K. Narayan               

Dr. Ashish Gupta & Sushma Deshmukh

Research Paper  535-540 Download
64.   Sense of Rootlessness and Alienation  in Chitra Banerjee’s Arranged Marriage

Peer Salim Jahangeer & Dr. Mrinal Srivastava

Research Paper 541- 548 Download
65.  Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince: True Image and False Spectacle

Chetan Vimal

Reseacrh Paper 549-554 Download

Writing through the Bodies: Feminine Racial Consciousness in A Lesson in Dead Language by Adrienne Kennedy

Dr. Divya Pande

Research Paper 555-562 Download

Contemporary Elements in the Poetry of Vihang A Naik: An Outlook

Ram Avadh Prajapati

Reearch Paper 563-572 Download

(Re)Reading Animal Imagery in the poetry of Ted Hughes

Shubham Singh

Research Paper 573-587 Download

Post-modern India and Identity Politics in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger: An Exploration

Bhupesh Kumar Gupta

Research Paper 588-595 Download

Analysis of the Short Story “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe

Shamaila Amir 

Research Paper 596-606 Download

All Eyes and Ears: A Surveillance study of Saikat Mazumdar’s The Firebird

Aditya Ghosh

Research Paper  607- 613 Download

An analysis of Errors In The Use of Modal And Auxiliary Verbs Made by the Learners of Class 10th in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh

Research Paper 614-633 Download

India Told and Exposed: A Reading of the Indian Booker Heavyweights

Bhupesh Kumar Gupta

Research Paper 634-647 Download

Impact of the SHG-Bank Linkage Programme as an impressive factor for Women Empowerment in India.

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar Prajapati

Research Paper 648-666 Download

Didactic Tone in the Poetry of Biplab Majumdar: A Critical Insight

Ram Avadh Prajapati

Research Paper 667-677  Download

Conflict between Self and Society in the Life of Amrita Pritam

Sanjeev Kumar Vishwakarma

Research Paper 678-683 Download

Sheikh-ul-Aalam’s Poetry in The Light of the Quran and the Hadees (Ahadith): A Short Analysis

Mohd Nageen Rather

Research Paper 684-692 Download

An Analytical Study of Resistance against Cultural Violence in the Poetry of Kamla Das

Brijesh Kumar       

Rsearch Paper  



Emergence of New Woman in Vijay Tendulkar’s  Kanyadaan

Dr. Vinod Kumar Vaishya

Research Paper 702-709 Download

Love, Sex and Self in the poetry of Kamala Das

Dr. MirzaSibtain Beg

Research Paper 710-720 Download

9/11 Literature: The Birth of New Narratives

Milind Raj Anand

Research Paper 721-735 Download 

Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq: An Exploration of Parsi Theatre on Stage

Dr. Satish Kumar Prajapati

Research Paper 736-750 Download

Kashmiriyat: Creation and Destruction: A Study of Select Texts and Customs

Fatima Noori

Research Paper 751-760 Download

...And the Silence Whispered: An Appraisal

Suraya Jan

Review 761-766 Download

Portrayal of Motherhood in Mahasweta Devi’s Mother of 1084

Brijesh Kumar 

Research Paper 767-774 Download 

Rural Novel in India: Reading Village through Shrilal Shukla’s Raag Darbari

Milind Raj Anand Research Paper 775-790 Download

Role and relevance of the learners’ errors in second language acquisition

Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh

Research Paper 791-803 Download

‘They Made Us Dig Two Graves’: An Eco-critical Study of Alison Croggon’s The River and the Book

Annu Yadav

Research Paper 804-809 Download

Indian Life in Transition: A Critical Study of A Tiger At Twilight

Anurag Pandey

Research Paper 810-819 Download