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 Vol. IV & Issue I (April 2019 )

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A  Study of Dalit Feminism in Bama's Sangati

Chetna Gorasya

Research Article

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Tragic Aspects in Arthur Miller’s Plays

Dr Sandeep Tripathi

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Brian Moore: An Ambassador of Feminism

Ramnath Singh Rathore  & Dr Laxman Singh Gorasya Research Article Click Here
4.  The Design of Benevolence in The Tempest   Dr Md Shahid Kamal  Research Article Click Here

(1) Mute (2) Expectation (3) Unlink

Neetu Sharma

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Soliloquy of A Poor Scriber

Ujjal Mandal

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Diaspora Literature- Comparative Analysis of Bharti Mukharjee and Jhumpa Lahiri

Dr Mangesh M Gore

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(1) Boundless Love  (2) A Prayer To Break Bonds  (3) Lightning in Darkness  (4) Break, Break, Break   (5) Witness to Duality

Partha Sarathi Poem Click Here

The Time Machine: A Brief Review

Mohmad Aslam Najar

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10. My God is not yours  Deepshikha Dixit Poem Click Here

East Lake Road

Akash Satpati 

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The Notion of Acceptance and Experiencing Life: Al-Mustafa as a reformist Prophet in Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet

Annie Jane C Mawkhiew

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Entangled and Reciprocal Association of Hollywood, Bollywood and Indian Society

Mallika Tiwari

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On the Lookout for Peace

S Manoj 

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Pen Heal the Wounds

Dr Shujaat Hussain

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A Collage of Environmental History Edited by Mahua Sarkar 

Rahul Kumar Mohanta

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17  Khetarpal’s Voice of Poetry Defends Indian Culture and Its Glory

Dr Shujaat Hussain

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18.  Chasing the Shadows: A study of The Half  Mother

Maryah Charoo

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The Covenant: A Manifestation of Tempest Ahead

Ujjal Mandal

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Dramatic Narrative---My Guardian Angel!

Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

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No Nukes: Brave New World of Beauty Regarding Elimination of Nukes from Earth by Dr Santosh Kumar, India 

Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

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Application of Ala‚ra Siddh¹nta in ‘Ode To A Skylark’ of Shelley

Dr Mukesh Kumar Gupta

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Mahesh Dattani’s Tara: A Critical Study of Gender and Social Discrimination

Manoj Kumar

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Partake in Me

Dr J. Sheeba

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25.  Revisiting Deshapran Birendranath Sasmal

Rahul Kumar Mohanta

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Hardy’s Wessex: an Imaginary - Literary – Topography

Denish Raja Durai. K & Dr. N. Lakshmi Priya

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27. Theory of Narcissism and Schizophrenia in Arthur Miller’s

Death of a Salesman

Rachna Rathore

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Shakespeare on Indian Stage

Nikita Agrawal

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Social Consciousness in the Short Stories of Mahasweta Devi

Krati Singh

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A Study of Alienation of Migrants in the Select Novels of V. S. Naipaul

Dr Pratiksha Pandey

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31.   Representation of reciprocal and cultural conflict in J. M. Coetzee's In the Heart of the Country: A Study in Post-Colonial Context

Shailesh Sharma

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Book Review of The Poetry of Vihang A. Naik- New Literary Dimensions

K. Abirami

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33.  Gandhian Philosophy and Modern Youth: A Study

Dr PratikshaPandey

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Globalization, Multiculturalism and Eco-perspectives in Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace

Shailesh Sharma Research Paper Click Here

Across Space and Time: Commonalities in NatyashastraThe Republic, and Poetics

Dr. Pooja Agarwal

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Dalit Women's Bodies: Dalit Women’s Rights and Human Rights

Surya Pratap Bharati

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