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Vol. II & Issue I (April 2017 Issue)

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Whimsical Nature of Tughlaq

Nilam Deepak,

Dr. Om Prakash Tiwari     

Research Paper    1-6 Downlaod

She is from this country, Imtiaz Dharker reply through her poem “They’ll Say, ‘She Must Be From Another Country”

Peer Salim Jahangeer,

Dr. Shalini Dube

Research paper 7-26 Download

APJ Abdul Kalam: A Motivational Icon for the Youth in India

Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh

Research Paper



The Last Burden by Upamanyu Chatterjee: A Realistic Criticism on the Degeneration and Changing Values of the Younger Generation

Anupama Sharma,

Roopesh Chaturvedi 

Research Paper 34-41 Download

From A Zero to a Centum

Brinda D

Short Story 42 Download

His gesture is still green in my memory

Brinda D

Short Story 43 Download

How I became a strange benefactor

Brinda D

Short Story 44 Download

Bill paid without money

Brinda D

Short Story 45 Download

“India and Iran” by Mohammad-Taqi Bahar

Mandana Kolahdouz Mohamadi       

Translation  46-47 Download

Symbolic significance of Imtiaz  Dharker’s  poem “Leaving Fingerprints”

Peer Salim Jahangeer,

Dr. Shalini Dube

Research Paper 48-57 Download

The moving pulse …

Arfina Khanam Short Story 58-59  Download
 12. The Horror of Fangs: The Celebration of a Counter-Cult Rahul Chakrabarti Research Paper 60-69 Download

Impact of MGNREGA on Socio-economic status and women Empowerment in India

Prof. Ajeya Kumar Gupta,         

Ajay Kumar,

Devendra Kumar

Research Paper 70-77 Download
14. To be or not to be that is the question Famous soliloquy in Hamlet

Jyoti Sharma,

Dr. Om Prakash Tiwari

Research Paper 78-79 Download
15.  Human relationship in the Novels of Nayantara Sahgal 

Neha Kumari,

Dr. Om Prakash Tiwari

Research Scholar 80-87 Download 
16. You  Goutam Karmakar Poem 88-89  Download
17. At Evening Goutam Karmakar Poem 90 Download
18.  At Night

Goutam Karmakar

Poem 91 Download
19.  Dreams Goutam Karmakar Poem 92 Download
20.  Our Primary Level Text books and Social Constructs about Gender

Dr. Skand Shukla

Research Paper  93-101 Download
21.  A study on the efficacy of the Public Distribution System in India

Prof. Sanjay Baijal,

Devendra Kumar,

Ajay Kumar

Research Paper 102-14 Download
22.   Realm of Beauty and Truth: A Collection of Idealistic Poems Aju Mukhopadhyay Book Review  115-19 Download
23.  A Gesture that brought us closer

Brinda D

Short Story 120 Download
24.  Benevolence and Fondness in Shakespeare’s Poetry and Plays 

Dr. Sugandha Agarwal

Research Paper 121-30 Download 
25.   A Study on Issues and Challenges of Women Empowerment in India

Prof. Sanjay Baijal,

Shamim Alam

Research Paper 131-42 Download

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam as a Missile Man

Sahana Roy

Dr. Om Prakash Tiwari

Research Paper 143-49 Download 
27. Critical Analysis of Allusions and Symbols In The Poem The Wasteland by Thomas Stearns Eliot 

Ashu dhargave

Dr. Om Prakash Tiwari

Research Paper 150-56 Download
28. Search for Identity in the writings of Jhumpa Lahiri

Suneeta Rathore

Dr. Om Prakash Tiwari 

Research Paper 157-63 Download

Consumer Behaviour towards Mobile Tele Services: A Case Study

Prof. Sanjay Baijal

Arjumand Bano

Research Paper 164-76  Download 
30. An Interview with Patrycja Austin on Ecocriticism Sanjeev Kumar Vishwakarma Interview 177-80 Download

A Comparative Study of Raja Rao and R. K. Narayan: In relation to their views on Gandhism

Dr. Richa kulshrestha Research Paper 181-90 Download

Thomas Gray, William Blake, Goldsmith, Cowper and Crabbe in Light of Naturalism: A Critical Perspective

Govind Kumar Kanaujia Research Paper 191-08  Download

The Ugly Reality of Life with Special Reference to Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

Vineeta Gajbhiye

Dr. Om Prakash Tiwari

Research Paper 209-14 Download

Feminist Issues in the Novel of Nayantara Sahgal’s Storm in Chandigarh

Tanuja Singh

Research Paper 215-28 Download

Transformation of Woman in Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine

Tanuja Singh

Research Paper 229-41 Download

The Ironic Perspective in R. K. Narayan’s Novels

Prasoon Tripathi

Research Paper 242-48 Download
37.  Major Experiments in the Theatre of Girish Karnad: A Case Study

Dr. Satish Kumar Prajapati

Research Paper 249-59 Download 
38. Indianness in the Poetry of Biplab Majumdar

Ram Avadh Prajapati

Research Paper 260-71 Download
39. Imagery in Biplab Majumdar’s Poetry: An Insight Ram Avadh Prajapati Research Paper 272-79 Download

Socio-Economic Struggles in Arvind Adiga’s The White Tiger

Tarcitius Kerketta &

Dr. Om Prakash Tiwari

Research Paper 280-91 Download