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Mother-Daughter Inhibitions in the Lives of a British Prostitute and a Cambridge Graduate

Dr. VLI. Isaac & Dr. Md. Afrozuddin Research Article  1-11 PDF
2. Sea of Poppies A Socio Cultural Evolution of Indian Diaspora : A Saga of Struggle Dr. Ashish Gupta & Siddharth Pandole Research Article 12-22 PDF
3. Teaching English Language Through Literary Text Dr. Md. Ali Shahid Research Article 23-34 PDf
4. Strong Urge for Racial and Gender Identity amid the Cultural Chaos in Shyam Selvaduarai’s Funny Boy Dr. Santosh Kumar J. Mishra Research Article 35-47 PDF
5. The Dominance of Power in The Fire and the Rain

G. Sankar

Research Article 48-71 PDF
6. Constructing the Notion of Nation: A Postcolonial Quest Rajpal Research Article 72-81 PDF

Historical and Mythical Narratives of Dangoli Nanda in Uttarakhand:

Legitimization of Power

Pushpa Research Article 82-97  PDF 
8. Morals and Principles in the Mahabharata - A comparative analysis of IrawatiKarve’s Yuganta  and C. Rajagopalachari’s Mahabharata Dr. Hemangi Bhagwat  Research Article 98-106 PDF
9. Diasporic Element in Rushdie’s The Ground Beneath Her Feet and Fury Amit Ronghe Research Article 107-113          PDF

Mute Existence: the Consciousness of the Dalit Life in Dalit literature and

the form of rebellion

Biswajit Debnath Research Article 114-123 PDF
11. Cry The Peacock: A Critical Evaluation Vivek Kumar Gupta Research Article 124-136 PDF
12. Chaman Nahal’s The Gandhi Quartet – A Penultimate View  Dr. (Smt) Pratibha Sharma Research Article 137-145 PDF
13. CBCSS, An Innovation In University Education: A Study From The Perspective Of College Teachers Of Mahatma Gandhi University In Kerala Kevin Thomas Chacko & Nitha Maria Shaji Research Article 146-167 PDF
14. Tilo’s Coming to Terms With Her Conflicting Identity: A Study of Her Displaced Self in The Mistress of Spices Kusum Vashisth Research Article 168-176 PDF
15. Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq: Trace of Historical Elements

Dr. Krishna Kumar

Research Article 177-192  PDF
16 English Language Teaching: Innovative Techniques In Multiple Intelligence Classes Abu Thahir p Research Article 193-202  PDF
17. Feminism in Chetan Bhagat’s One Night @ Call Centre Bhoj Raj Singh Research Article 203-209 PDF
18. Dalit Aesthetic Theory Prof. S. R. Jalote Research Article 210-226 PDF


 Subject Pages  Download
1. Hell in Paradise 

Bade Amol G.

Poem  227 PDF
2. Break Promise    Rohit Kumar Verma Poem  228 PDF
3. Death Bhoj Raj Singh Poem  229-30 PDF 
4.  To my Father

Dr. Jasjit Kaur Delow

Poem 231  PDF
5.  My Meaningless Ravings Dr. Md. Ali Shahid Poem 232 PDF
6.  Two Steps for Re-Heath  &  Vemula  Md Nazme Furkanul Hoque Poem 233-34 PDF
7. Faces in Life Dr. Jabeen R. Siddiqui Poem 235-36 PDF
  Book Reviews


 Subject  Pages Download
1. My Gita by Devdutt Pattanaik   Dr. Priya Sharma   Book Review    PDF
2. Indian English Poets: Critical Ruminations Edited by Ram Avadh Prajapati & Ashish Gupta  & Indian English Novelists: Critical Responses, Edited by Ram Avadh Prajapati & Roopesh Chaturvedi Saikat Guha  Book Review    PDF