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1. "The esteemed journal is one of the best literary rostrums by erudite editor Dr. Prajapati that is giving the scholars as well as academicians a creative flight for their literary ventures, I wish him every success in life and keeps this spirit continue". Sibtain Beg
2. "The Creative Launcher provides a worldwide digital platform to hone one's The Creative and critical writing skills and research acumen. The honest endeavour of the Editor-in-chief to make it accessible to writers and readers of quality works is really commendable". Yash Chauhan
3. "The Creative Launcher is a platform the carve the niche of research scholars of English language and literature. It publishes the best quality research paper in view of facilitating the academic world". Tabish Iqbal
4. "One of the best peer-reviewed Journals in English along with excellent communication access with the Editor-in-Chief". ARIJIT CHAKRABORTY
5. "This publication provides budding authors and researchers an excellent opportunity to learn, be groomed and rub shoulders with the established intelligentsia of their area. It's a versatile platform that truly in the humane spirit of literature opens up unexplored vistas of thought and writing for all, one with which association is always a pleasure". Manish Singh
6. "Great experience in publishing my paper. Helpful faculty with proper guidance". Rohini Harsh Gupta
7. "Having gone through the published material in the Journal" The Creative Launcher" my joy knows no bounds. Really a very commendable journal. An authentic platform for the budding and flourished people of literature". Dr. Rajan Lal
8. "It's really a research scholar friendly journal. The services are quick and convenient.The Chief Editor Prof Dr.Prajapati Sir is very helpful and his approach to research scholar is warm". Vithoba Khairnar
9. "Scholarly and critical journal, The Creative Launcher provides an opportunity to scholars to get their literary exploitations published for readers. It is a good platform for people of literary consciousness". Naveen Vishwakarma
10. It's really a critical journal because paper is published after rigorous Editing.... Dr. K.P Singh A. Professor
11. 'The Creative Launcher' is a reputed and peer-reviewed, indexed, open access, international e-journal. It covers almost all the areas of Language and Literature. I had a good experience with this journal and I recommend this journal to be listed under the List of UGC Care Journals". Amit Chandrana