Archival Policy

The Creative Launcher suggests all contributors preserving the Pre-Publication and Post-Publication manuscripts. Although we have archived all the previous issues where contributors can get their published articles any time yet we have been submitting our publications to some international archival servers. Self Archiving, as well as Server Archival policies, are being practised by The Creative Launcher and its Publisher.

Repository Archiving Policy

Perception Publishing, India has a membership of various database repositories. The articles published in the journal are regularly archived at Internet Archive Database. You may click here to get the Internet Archive; Click Here.

Self-archiving Policy

Authors publishing with the journal published by Perception Publishing are permitted to self-archive the Preprint Version of the article anywhere at any point of time, and may self-archive the accepted Peer-reviewed Version and the Postprint Version at any point of time.

Author/s, however, need to include an acknowledgement: “This is the pre-peer reviewed version/Preprint Version/Postprint Version of the article: [FULL CITATION: Article name, author’s name, name of the journal, Vol. No…, Year, link to the article, link to the journal], which has been published after peer-review and in a final version at [Link to final article].

Terms and Conditions for Self-Archiving:

The self-archived preprint, in its accepted and published versions, may be used according to the following modes of publication:

Non-Commercial Use

Individuals may use versions mentioned above strictly for academic purposes following the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License under the conditions that:

  • The author’s rights as an AUTHOR are not violated. Proper attribution needs to be incorporated.
  • Copyrights of the author, of the present publisher or any third party, are not violated.

Commercial Use
For commercial purpose use of all the versions without the prior permission of Perception Publishing is restricted. Interested parties for re-use or reprint permission must write to the publisher for permission at The publisher may grant non-exclusive copyright for a fixed fee.


Perception Publishing does not ensure any kind of warranty to self-archived materials.