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The Creative Launcher
An International, Open Access, Peer-Reviewed & Refereed E-Journal in English
Introduction to the Journal
The Creative Launcher (2455-6580) is an International, Peer-Reviewed, Open Access, Indexed, Refereed, Bi-Monthly, e-Journal in English. It welcomes the submission of research articles/papers and creative writings from all over the world. It publishes only outstanding and quality works done by the researchers. It provides rapid publication and open access facility. The journal encourages critical rigour, fresh insights and creative writing skills to its readers and writers. Research articles from all areas of English Literature, English Language Teaching, Book-Reviews, Interviews, Poems, Short-Stories, Translated Works and Monologues etc. are entertained/invited in this journal. We follow a strict review process of the manuscripts.

@ Established in 2016

@ The frequency of the Journal- Bi-Monthly (February, April, June, August, October, December) 

Last date for article submission- 10/05/2021 For April 2021 Issue 

Area of Concern- Research Papers on English Literature, Indian Writing in English, English Language Teaching, Dalit Literature, African English Literature, Commonwealth English Literature, Postcolonial Literature, Short-Essays, Book-Reviews, Interviews, Poems, Plays, Novels, Short-Stories, Translated Works and Monologues etc. are welcomed in this Journal.

• African American Literature

• American Literature

• Anthropocene and Posthuman Philosophy

• Art, Aesthetics, Myth, Culture and Folklore

• Black Feminism

• British Literature

• Canadian Literature

• Children’s Literature

• Commonwealth Literature

• Comparative Literature

• Cultural Studies

• Cyber Literature

• Dalit Literature

• Diaspora Studies

• Disability Studies

• Dystopian, Holocaust and Disaster Literature

• English Langauge Teaching 

• Environmental Aesthetics

• Film, Literature and Media Studies

• Gender Studies, Queer Studies and LGBT

• Globalization, Colonial, and Post-Colonial Literature

• Indian Literature in English

• Indigenous Studies

• Interculturalism and Multiculturalism in Literature

• Literary Discourse and Cultural Analysis

• Literary Theories and Cultural Studies

• Literature in English

• Literature, Culture and Philosophy

• Literature, Society and Psychology

• New Literatures in English

• Pakistan English Literature

• Performance Studies

• Popular Culture

• Postcolonial Literature

• Psychoanalytic Approaches to Literature

• SAARC Literature

• Science Fiction and Cultural Analysis

• Spirituality and Literature

• Srilankan English Literature

• Subaltern and Dalit Studies

• Translation Studies

• Trauma Studies

• Travel Writings

• War Literature

• Women Studies

• World Literature


Vision and Mission of the journal

(a) To provide a platform for the learned and researching people to get their creative and academic writing published and make it visible to the whole world.

(b) To provide a learning and peaceful ambience to show diverse scopes of analytical abilities.

(c) To provide proper guidance to the budding researchers in the sphere of English language and literature. Our team helps the budding scholars in writing articles with proper methods and format. 

(d) To create and maintain the highest level of qualitative and original material ensuring zero tolerance of plagiarized material in the manuscript. 

(e) To become one of the leading international research journals as well as a path-breaker global brands. Our journal has been indexed in more than 50 databases so far. We are looking forward to maintaining the sanctity of international standard.

Peer Review Policy 

The Creative Launcher is Peer-Reviewed Journal. We follow a strict process to review all articles which are sent to our mail. When the manuscript is received for consideration by email, it undergoes a preliminary originality check with basic standards and adherence to the manuscript guidelines. If this is fulfilled article is provisionally accepted for peer-review. We follow the double-blind peer-review process, at the next stage article goes to precisely expert editorial board members and two external reviewers. After receiving positive review reports only, we accept the manuscript for final publication and an intimation is sent to the author (s). If the article falls short in any area of presentation, such remarks from the reviewers are forwarded to the author(s) for necessary revision. A revised article is expected within five days from the intimation; in case the revised article is not received within a stipulated time, the publication of the scheduled issue proceeds without the awaited article and the editor and publisher shall not be held responsible for any issue arising out of such conditions.

The editors reserve the right to delete and/or alter the content of an article as they deem it fit for publication.

Open Access Policy

The Creative Launcher (ISSN 2455-6580) is an E-journal published by Perception Publishing, India. It offers Open Access to the articles published in its all issues. All Open Access articles are peer-reviewed and everyone has FREE and unlimited access to the full-text of the articles published in it. All articles are immediately available in open access format for all readers and users worldwide.

NOTE- "We do not promote any kind of predatory activities through this journal."

UGC Approved Journal = Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal

It is a matter of great concern that the UGC which is the highest educational body of India. It had approved "The Creative Launcher" in Arts and Humanities Category (literature category) but now it is not in the UGC CARE List so we are following all the important points as PEER REVIEWED and REFEREED Journal. In this journal we can publish original articles on different themes of English literature, English Language Teaching, different kinds of concerns in literature, Translated works into the English language can also be included in this journal. It promotes only quality work and does not ask for any publication charge.

Special Note for the Esteemed Contributors-

Be sure before your submission by checking the journal on the UGC website. Neither the Editor-in-Chief nor any member of the editorial board will be liable if the journal will be excluded from the UGC Approved list in future.  As the UGC has stated "The final UGC-approved List of Journals would be dynamic in nature that would be subject to periodic review for deletion of existing journal titles or inclusion of new journal titles based on the checklist criteria"


Special Attention to all Academicians, Universities, Academic Bodies, Institutes-

If any article or part of the article is found plagiarized or copied the author himself/herself will be responsible. Neither Editors nor Publisher will be liable to any charge of plagiarism. Though we take utmost care to select original, unpublished and unplagiarized articles yet sometimes we are reported such irresponsible vagaries from the authors' side. Our journal is open access and UGC approved that is why academicians and researchers keep on delving to get the reliable material for their research work so we follow and also suggest following academic responsibility otherwise all our endeavour will go in the ditch. 

Submission Guidelines

We accept original theoretical or research articles, book reviews, interviews, poems as electronic submissions via e-mail as attached documents (Microsoft Word only). All manuscripts must be in Font -Times New RomanSize: 12, Line spacing: Double spaced and submitted only as MS Word 2007/ 2010. All manuscripts should strictly follow the MLA 8th Edition Style of Citation and Documentation. The documents must include name and affiliation details in the body of your submission. Submission must be in a single attachment. The Submission must include the statement claiming that you (I) "have read the submission guidelines and you agree to the policy of the journal and that the submission is original and does not contain any kind of plagiarized material".

The format of the Research Article (s):
Authors are also requested to include the following in the format of their articles:

1. Full title with a subtitle, (if any), Times New Roman font, size 16, bold (not all capital letters)

2. Name and affiliation of the author (s).

3. An abstract of about 150-200 words along with 4-5 Keywords.

4. Authors should note that the main body of the article should be prepared in such a way that no formatting is needed afterwards. Heading, subheadings and illustrations should be well incorporated into the main body of the article. 

5. The word limit for the research paper is 2000-5000 words including Abstract and at least 10 Works Cited without numberings.

6. All portions of the articles should be double spaced.

7. The author should be careful regarding grammatical and typographical errors.

8. All articles/research papers submitted for review must be in English. No other language is entertained as we are competent only in English.

9. Plagiarism report of the Research paper duly checked in plagiarism software like the viper, Turnitin etc. must be attached to another page. 

10. If plagiarism is found at any step even after publication, we'll reject the article and inform the concerned person in your institute through the proper channel. 

Note: Do not decorate your submission with lines, borders, special characters etc., which may lead to rejection.  

It makes every possible effort to ensure accuracy however it is not responsible for any discrepancies that occurred during our editing works. We are not responsible for any kind of accuracy from the authors' side.
Dr Ram Avadh Prajapati
M.A. PhD in English and Economics, B. Ed.
UGC NET in English
Honorary D. Litt. from Brazil, 
Assistant Professor of English
The Department of English
Bareilly College, Bareilly, 
Uttar Pradesh, India
Mob. +91 9451233922