Loss of Cultural Identity: An overview of Collections of Endangered Tribal Languages in Odisha

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Deepak Kumar Baliarsingh


The culture and tradition of India is very rich and often considered scientific. The multifarious culture bears a great bondage among the people of India. It happens to be possible and people get illuminated due to varieties of practices and knowledge imparted with each other since time immemorial. Odisha and Odia languages have got its place in constitution but it needs serious attention of the Govt. and people of Odisha. The life is changed and the world has been quite small. The modern gadgets and technologies have searched almost everything that human being needs today. It is ironical that the human being is searching for new living and non-living species exists on earth but it is not finding out the marginalised voice which is still roaming around the jungle for mere food for their survival. We have marched almost six decades of independence and the modernity in language has attained such height that we have started coding human language into machinery language. Odisha is located on the eastern coast of India, it was carved out of the province of Bihar in 1936, since then numerous things have got changed. People are promised, dreamt and made to sleep with peace and the next day they find the life unchanged. It seems as if they have inherited the issues by their birth and death is awaited which would of course, bring them the ultimate solution. There are huge numbers of tribal languages in Odisha. It is observed that they have long practised culture, tradition, therapy, beliefs, systems, values, morals, ethics, etc. which could add greater knowledge to rest of the world, moreover they are expected to be treated with utmost empathy. The language becomes the only barrier for them to reach us. The existing Govt. and system plays politics with the innocence as well religion conversion is also alarming nation-wide.


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