Chaman Nahal’s The Gandhi Quartet: A Penultimate View


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Partition, Cruelty, Transition, Independence


Chaman Nahal is a significant post-independence Indian English novelist. He has a rich creative output to his credit with ranges from literary criticism to philosophy and from translation of The Bhagvad Gita to nine novels and a collection of short stories.  It is however for his novels that he is chiefly known. He has been awarded twice the federation of Indian publishers award, and his novel Azadi was given the Sahitya Academy Award, the highest award of the National Academy of Letter in India. Nahal’s collection of short stories The Weird Dance came out in 1965 and was followed by his first novel, My True Faces in 1973. The maiden novel whose title has been taken from a popular religious song and embodies ‘Vibhuti Yoga’ enunciated in the tenth chapter of The Gita shows Nahal’s broad vision of life.  His next novel Azadi, which came out 1975, is his most celebrated novel. Written on the background of the independence of the nation in 1947 which also brought in its wake the partition of the country and its tragic consequences, the novel is a moving tale of human suffering as well human fortitude and hopes.


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