LalVakhs: A Study of Mystic Experience in the Selected Poems of LalDed

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Yasmeena Jan
Dr. Shachi Sood


The present paper attempts to highlight the Mystic experience of the Kashmiri Poetess- Saint LalDed. She wrote verses or Vakhs in Kashmiri language expressing her longing for the Devine (God). The period she lived was a period of great religious upheaval and change. Her poems formed an important part of Kashmiri language and culture and are still very much revered today. This paper aims to highlight her longing for Shiva, the ultimate being and her profound self- realization. Her Vakhs which are poetic compositions of four or sometimes more than four lines, are full of Mystic excellence with a spiritual depth and clarity. Her vakhs speak her communion with the absolute truth (God), which she did by leading a simple life, free from worldly desires and greed. Her Vakhs implore us to listen the inner voice, as she herself believes that the realization of self is similar with the realization of Shiva, the ultimate or Devine personality. Her Mystic and spiritual poetry is a glorious heritage of Kashmiri literature.


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Yasmeena Jan, and Dr. Shachi Sood. “LalVakhs: A Study of Mystic Experience in the Selected Poems of LalDed”. The Creative Launcher, vol. 2, no. 5, Dec. 2017, pp. 304-8,
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